fhtagn (fhtagn) wrote,

Yep, our glorious leaders are stupid as well as corrupt

In a recent report on the use of iPads by MPs (see the BBC here), the conclusion was that this had saved "several thousand pounds" because "they could circulate information electronically rather than in hard copy." These are the MPs who already have an allowance of five computers, but are incapable of circulating files electronically.

From this, we can conclude several things.
(a) Our MPs are too thick to use email or indeed any other method of file transfer, and that no server exists for efficient file transfer within government, unless they interact with it via an inefficient touch screen interface. Keyboards are complex and scary unless virtual.
(b) Our MPs use staggering quantities of paper needlessly or are extraordinary liars. I can't find the length of the trial period, but assuming the 16 MPs over 6 months and that thousands in this case is £1500 ... a ream of paper costs, at retail prices, £5. We shall assume that at the very least the person in charge of office supplies is not a blithering idiot and they are not purchasing them at retail prices, but that gives us a lower limit. That's a minimum of 18.75 reams of 500 sheets of paper per MP purely for internal communication.
(c) When presented with expense accounts and little to no accountability, people will spend money on toys at every opportunity.
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