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Important Life Lessons

Well, another day, another flat story. Today, I woke to no hot water. A plumber was dispatched after I called the agents after a fair while of banging my head against it trying to work out what was wrong. It turned out there were two problems - the first and most serious was that the pressure in the system was too low and so it wouldn't turn on. The second was that, um, it couldn't anyway because a box had nudged up against the boiler power switch. On the plus side, I do at least know where the switch is.

In the course of trying to find out why the pressure had dropped, it was discovered that one of the valves wasn't. Luckily they had a replacement and fitted it swiftly. Of course, as luck would have it, in the course of this something happened which buggered the pressure gauge. I now have a working boiler, but no idea whether or not it's going to send the flat sky high (Well, I'm assured that they tested the pressure release valve and so the worst that could happen is a passerby outside being hit by a spray of superheated water). Luckily, this is enough of a fault that it looks like that agency won't learn about the misplaced box.

On a completely different topic, I received a fantastically passive-aggressive email from Facebook today:
Hi [Redacted],
Here's some activity you may have missed on Facebook.
2 notifications

[Redacted], [Redacted],1st_law , and 4 other friends have posted statuses, photos and more on Facebook.
You have missed some popular stories:
[Redacted] commented on [Redacted]'s status.

This was immediately followed by a big button (have I mentioned recently how people and entities which use HTML email should be publicly dismembered as an example to others?) entitled, "Go to Facebook"! Shortly thereafter was the lovely sentence, "You are only receiving important updates and summary emails instead of individual notification emails. You can turn individual email notifications back on at any time." It cannot have escaped your attention that not only was no important information (or indeed any real information at all) given, but there is no way to know if anything to which they have referred was important at all. [Redacted] the third, being as it was my elder brother, is pretty much guaranteed to be absolute twaddle for a start, almost certainly wittering about hair-dressing. On top of that, at no point was anything actually summarised at all in any way. Finally, the fact that I turned off email notifications was supposed to be a subtle hint that I didn't want to receive email notifications and not, as Facebook has interpreted it, an invitation to send me fucking email notifi-fucking-cations! (See, I'm being positive about it!)[1] Really, it's enough to make you appeciate that this bloke and his campaign, Europe vs Facebook are engaged in public service.

[1]I do like being able to make puns like that. Thankfully even more than I dislike the puns themselves.
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