fhtagn (fhtagn) wrote,

Fragments and shards

Oh, so many partial posts in various stages of composition. To slowly clear the backlog a bit, have some linkSpam of things which interested as amused.

The first link, and one I'd like to highlight a bit, is called Pictures of Muslims Wearing Things. It's a gentle and funny response to some of the more racist they-don't-look-like-us crap we see such a lot of today, and it has a few entries to appeal to the geek in us all: here, here and here.

* Some high school students find a novel way of singing Hallelujah and hitting the high notes.
* Everyone and his wife has, by now, seen the Old Spice Man and the various follow-ups. My favourite, though, has to be the the Sesame Street version. Moo.
* For the final video in the list, I offer you the recording of the last duel in France.
* Everyone has heard of Portal. Everyone with taste has heard of Rogue (though they all play NetHack and ADoM instead). How many people would be mad enough to try to make an ACSII version of Portal?
* Courtesy of NASA, this is what a volcano and its shockwave look like from space.
* For all those Doctor Who fans who really love time-bending cross-overs, I give you, The Ten Doctors.
* I have actually held a copy of The Young Man's Book of Amusement and would dearly love to do so again. Absolutely beautiful, in the same way that the fizzing of a madman's mind as he stares into a volcano and realises that he can show them all is beautiful, and about as dangerous and destructive. This, my friends, is what children's science books should be all about.
* The Chin is an actor both known and loved, and has carved out a comfortable niche for himself. Here we see what would happen if he made a move into the prepackaged food industry.
* There are those would claim that Latin is a dead language. The existence of Lexicon Recentis Latinitatis would suggest otherwise. It also begs the question of why exactly Vatican officials needed to be able to discuss contemporary politics in Latin.
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